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NEWCASTLE Newborn Photography Training Workshop

We travelled to Morpeth, a lovely area not far from Newcastle for this workshop! We met some lovely mentees and our baby model, Nelly, was a little superstar. We were able to show how to create every pose with Nelly and she only had to stop her modelling debut for a couple of feeds.

We always begin our workshops with a brief tutorial on lighting and camera settings  This is key to producing the lovely soft images that we are renown for.

We started our shoot with Nelly wrapped, the first wrap being the one to keep her snuggled and the second wrap to add some colour and texture. The crate prop was filled with our soft posing cushions and lined with fabric, a pink textured layer and a lacey stuffer. The cushions are placed to support baby’s head and keep it elevated so that baby’s face is the first thing the camera captures. The other cushions are to keep baby in place and safe so there’s no chance of baby moving or wriggling. Of course, I’m sat next to baby all the time while Sandra shows how to take the image.

See Iphone image

Once all the images from the prop were taken we continued the training with our beanbag posing. We removed the outer layer and placed Nelly into the huck position on the beanbag. The wedge is the only cushion we use to support baby’s head as it keeps baby at the right height on the beanbag and gives baby a safe platform to lie on. We designed this cushion a couple of years ago when there was nothing else on the market for this purpose. (It’s one of our best sellers now!)

After the wrapped huck we took a beautiful image of Nelly without the wrap on to reveal one of our new outfits. Again, made exclusively for Newborn Baby Posing, the perfect size for newborns, and it fit Nelly a treat! So from the huck it’s always followed by the side pose, the tush up pose and the final head on hands shot which is always a winner with the parents.


Heres an example of the head on hands pose

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if you want to book a workshop visit our website www.newbornbabyworkshops.co.uk


or if you have a query on one of the props please do get in touch sales@newbornbabyposing.co.uk

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