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Beginners Camera & Strobe Workshop BIRMINGHAM~ 28th March 2022

Beginners Camera & Strobe Workshop BIRMINGHAM~ 28th March 2022

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 28th March 2022

Held at the Flash Centre, Unit 3, WD Boxhub, Cakemore Road, Birmingham B65 0RY

Who is this course for?

Aimed at a complete beginner or someone who is not completely comfortable in manual mode on their camera.
Someone new to studio lighting or needing help with the setup and use of their Elinchrom Strobe and Softbox (or any other brand).

Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras will be discussed but all topics covered will be applicable to any brand.

The structure of the course will be 'chalk and talk' with lots of examples but will also be practical when using strobes- you will need to bring your camera and at least one lens.
There will always be time given to answer any questions you have.

The course WILL NOT touch on composition or editing at all. It is purely to give you a comprehensive understanding of how your camera and your lighting
work and interact with each other.
Composition and light placement are both covered during the main tutorial course with Sandra and Sarah and editing is covered in a separate, full day course.

Course aims.

Understand how to setup and use your camera professionally.
Understand which lens (or focal length on a zoom) to choose and why.
Understand how to use natural light.
Understand how to use your strobe and softbox for a variety of different images.

1. The Exposure Triangle

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.
What a camera actually does - capturing light.
Exposure Compensation.
Setting White Balance correctly.

2. Understanding the camera's controls.

Diopter Adjustment.
Viewfinder information.
Differences between DSLR and Mirrorless.

The Mode Dial:

Manual; Aperture Priority; Shutter Priority; P Mode; Full Auto

How to correctly hold your camera and how to press your Shutter Button properly.
Metering mode and how your camera meters a scene. And why this doesn't matter to you.
What happens (mechanically and electronically) when you press the shutter release button and why this is important when using Strobes.

Auto Focus: including Focus Modes and the importance of Back Button Focusing.

Common camera menu settings.

How to change your lens.

What the screen on the back of the camera is really for; Reading the Histogram and Blinkies.

The importance of shooting RAW.

3. Lens Choice.

How Focal Length and Aperture Size determine the look and feel of your image due to Compression and Distortion.
Why lens Sharpness isn't really that important anymore. (what shutter speeds to use.)
What lenses to buy; Price and weight vs Sharpness and Speed.
Why Canon, Sony or Nikon lenses are actually cheaper than, and almost always superior to, Sigma or Tamron.

4. How to set up your Strobe, Softbox, Stand and transmitter.

Putting up that pesky Rotalux softbox. And packing it back up too.
Stand types. Which is best for you?
Strobe settings - what do all those buttons and lights on the back mean.
Transmitter settings. I'll cover a variety of Elinchrom and Profoto Transmitters but they all work basically the same way.

5. Camera settings when using a Strobe. (It's all very different from normal!)

Shutter Speed / Shutter Curtains and Sync issues.
Aperture setting and what it changes when using a strobe. White backgrounds can be grey or black if you prefer!
Reading the histogram (revisited) - what do you want the exposure to be like? How can you alter it using the exposure triangle?
What happens when you press the shutter whilst using a strobe. Why shutter speed isn't very important when doing a cake smash for example.
The importance of getting it 'right' in-camera rather than in Photoshop.

Practical workshopping:

What does the softbox actually do? Softness, size and position.
Setting up the exposure triangle for a baby on beanbag shot in Natural light.
Same shot but using a strobe and softbox with no natural light.
Same shot using a mix of natural light and strobes or any two light sources.
Using the softbox as a background for a family silhouette.

Setup the lighting for a cake smash.
Using the ceiling as a softbox.
Using reflectors for fill.

All questions will get answered.
Depending on time will look at reverse engineering light from other photographers' work. This is an incredibly useful skill to have.

A Facebook Group will be available exclusively for attendees in case any questions arise after the workshop.

By the end of this workshop, you will be fully prepared for the Newborn Baby Posing Course with Sandra and Sarah.
You will have a professional understanding of the technical aspects of camera setup and lighting.

Sandra will then be able to concentrate on guiding you through the creative aspects of newborn photography;
Light positioning, camera angles and image composition.


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