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We can teach you about your camera, lighting, posing, wrapping etc and if you are purchasing our online course we can even teach you editing but you can't do newborn photography itself without the essential kit. You've got your camera and lighting but you do need a safe space to photograph your newborns and a few backdrops and accessories. We use a beanbag and frame in every newborn shoot. We also could not pose without our wedge. Backdrops and wraps are a must and you can just use a few basic colours to get you started and of course add to your collection as you progress so that you can show your work on social media platforms with as much variety as possible. 

Investing in our specially designed posing beanbag and frame is a game-changer for newborn photographers, offering a seamless and efficient solution to enhance your workflow and deliver stunning results. The beanbag and frame are meticulously crafted to complement each other, providing several compelling reasons for photographers to make this valuable addition to their toolkit.

First and foremost, the coordinated design of the posing beanbag and frame ensures a perfect fit, eliminating the hassles of poorly fitted frames that often lead to dark shadows in your shots. The frame allows for the easy and secure clamping of fabric backdrops, eradicating wrinkles and saving you precious time on post-processing efforts. This feature not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures a polished and professional look to your images straight from the camera.

The large, soft posing beanbag is a standout feature, generously sized to even accommodate twins comfortably. Its optimal height offers photographers a convenient and ergonomic working position, promoting efficiency and reducing strain during extended sessions. Importantly, our posing beanbag is designed with safety as a top priority. While the height is perfect for working with babies, it's essential to always have a spotter next to the baby, adhering to the highest safety standards in newborn photography.

In essence, our posing beanbag and frame combo revolutionises the newborn photography experience, providing a practical, safe, and time-saving solution that allows photographers to focus on capturing those precious moments without the distractions of technical challenges. Upgrade your photography setup today and elevate your newborn photography to new heights with our purpose-designed posing beanbag and frame.

Additionally, our specially designed posing wedge is an absolute must for every photographer seeking perfection in their newborn poses. 

We wouldn't undertake a newborn shoot without it. The versatility and reliability of the posing wedge make it an indispensable tool, elevating the overall quality of your images while simplifying the posing process. Invest in the complete package - our posing beanbag, frame, and wedge - and witness the transformative impact it has on your newborn photography sessions. Capture every moment with confidence, knowing you have the essential tools at your disposal for creating breathtaking and timeless images.