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Just the Posing Beanbag

Just the Posing Beanbag

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Our posing beanbags are available for pre-order only  Dispatch from end of October 

ALL pre-order beanbags will be sent with a free neutral backdrop

Our newborn posing beanbag is specially designed for newborn photography and made in the UK. It has a firm flat surface on which to pose your newborn and we use our posing wedge and posing cushions on top of the beanbag (under your fabric backdrops) to create the poses we want to achieve.

At 40” in diameter and approximately 14” in height, our newborn beanbag is larger than most other beanbags on the market. The wide, flat surface area on top of the beanbag, means our posing beanbag is big enough for twins, even triplets!

Please note that due to it's size the beanbag comes unfilled, we do not supply the beans. We recommend that you use around 14 cubic feet of polystyrene beans and fill the beanbag until the flat surface is firm. 

You can easily pick up the filling from suppliers on Ebay and Amazon. 

Our beanbag and frame are designed specifically for us to work together. The correct dimensions of the frame in relation to our beanbag ensure that you can always clamp your fabric backdrops tightly and eliminate backdrop wrinkles. 

Why do I need a beanbag?

Our beanbag is a foundational piece of equipment that enables newborn photographers to create beautiful, safe, and varied poses. When clients see that you're using a specialised beanbag designed for newborns, it reassures them that their baby's safety and comfort are a priority during the session.

When it comes to newborn photography, ensuring the safety of the baby is paramount. That's why using a posing beanbag is a compelling choice for photographers. Unlike posing tables, which elevate the baby to potentially unsafe heights, a posing beanbag keeps the baby comfortably low to the ground while still allowing the photographer easy access for posing.

This low-profile setup also minimises the baby's ability to kick out or propel themselves forward, further enhancing their safety throughout the session.

Moreover, using an ordinary beanbag is not suitable for newborn photography, as it can create dips and shadows in the image, compromising the overall quality of the photos. However, with our specially designed frame that seamlessly fits our posing beanbag, photographers can ensure a smooth and even surface without any unwanted dips or bumps. This ensures that every shot captures the baby in the best possible light, without the need for extensive editing to correct imperfections.

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