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Newborn Photography Kit

Newborn Photography Kit

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Our essential kit includes:

posing beanbag (unfilled)
beanbag frame (great for use in a studio, easy to set up and dismantle)
frame clamps
5 backdrops (cream, taupe, white, blush & sugar pink)
10 x wraps 
posing wedge
5 x hair ties (cream, taupe, white, blush & sugar pink)


The design of our frame makes post processing of your images a breeze. No more smoothing and cloning to get rid of the wrinkles in your backdrop. Our frame has been designed to work with our beanbag so sizing is perfect. No dips that would create unsightly shadows and the fabrics will be able to be clamped around the frame leaving a wrinkle free backdrop so the only editing that should be required will be baby's skin tones.

Due to the nature of this lightweight product, the frame is flexible but sturdy and fit for purpose as well as being amazingly portable.

Self assembly but it's really easy supplied with simple instructions.

Our posing frame and posing beanbag have been made to work seamlessly together. Stretch your backdrops over the frame and beanbag so that you are wrinkle free and don't encounter hours of needless post processing

Use our posing wedge for every pose on the beanbag. 

The posing wedge comes into it's own with our finale beanbag pose, the head on hands pose. Often the baby does not have enough support here but our wedge is the correct firmness to make this pose a breeze with a sleepy baby.

The foam wedge is soft but supportive and just the right width to support baby's elbows in the head on hands shot too so no dipping elbows! (beanbag pose)

The backdrops are great for adding block colour to your newborn set up or using underneath fine soft knit or lacey overlays. Use the backdrops as overlays on your beanbag to create a smooth base for posing. Place two or three over your beanbag before layering with another backdrop. When you need to put in your posing cushion, rolled up towels etc you can place them underneath all layers which will stop unsightly bumps but still allow curves and elevations to prop up your newborn. Every wrap matches a backdrop. 

1. Why do I need a beanbag?

Our beanbag is a foundational piece of equipment that enables newborn photographers to create beautiful, safe, and varied poses. When clients see that you're using a specialized beanbag designed for newborns, it reassures them that their baby's safety and comfort are a priority during the session.

2. Why do I need a frame?

When fabric backdrops are clamped to the frame, the result is a smooth and wrinkle-free surface that enhances the professional appearance of the images.

The precise fit between the frame and beanbag prevents any shadows or dips in the fabric, creating a consistent and even background for every pose.

With a frame that seamlessly integrates with the beanbag, photographers can work more efficiently during sessions, spending less time adjusting and more time capturing shots.

The lack of wrinkles and inconsistencies in the fabric reduces the need for extensive post-processing to correct these issues, saving valuable editing time.

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