Sandra and I have been working together for over 13 years in newborn photography. Sandra has been a photographer for around 20 years (yes, she's getting on a bit!) and I used to be a teacher (many years ago) so between the two of us we have plenty of knowledge and experience in being able to teach you all about newborn photography.

Sandra, as the photographer, will guide you through our studio lighting set up, camera settings and camera angles. I will show you how to do simple wrapping which looks great in many of the images we create and also is a lovely way to settle and soothe the baby. I will also show you step by step how to create each of the poses that are synonymous with newborn photography.

Prior to the training day you just need to be familiar with your DSLR or mirrorless camera and be able to put it into manual settings, adjusting your shutter speed, ISO and aperture. Sandra will tell you the settings she will be using throughout the day and we are there to assist you if you have any difficulties. You don't need any other experience, you don't need to be a professional photographer to train with us. On the training day you will take images of our baby model and, as we will have parental consent, use them for portfolio building and marketing on social media.

At the end of your newborn photography training day you will be invited into our Facebook support group where everyone we have trained will be there to support you and answer questions and give you advice. Of course we will be in there too. In the group you will also find information on lighting, editing actions, prompt cards for each of the poses, discount codes and more. We also send you a training certificate to proudly display in your studio or on your mantlepiece!

Below you will see some reviews from previous mentees and a little sample of the style of images you can expect to capture on your training day.

If you would like any other info or advice just email

Reviewer: Agi from Thame   5 Stars
I'd like to say a massive thank you to Sandra and Sarah for being so amazing and helpful at the workshop I attended last Saturday. I had a wonderful time and I learnt so much!! I think I just need time now to grow confidence and develop my skills more and more. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I can only hope my photography and “posing the baby” skills will be as fantastic as your one day!!

Reviewer: Debbie from Wigan   5 Stars
I attended the beginners course with 3 other attendees, Sandra and Sarah are great at what they do and are generous in sharing their valuable knowledge in a professional but relaxed way I also have a video of what we learned on the course which is great for revisiting and refreshing my memory, sometimes you forget the small details which make a big difference, there's a Facebook group too for attendees where Sandra and Sarah freely give advice, if you're thinking about training in newborn photography and need advice on workflow and posing, I would definitely recommend x 😊 

Reviewer: Emma from Angus   5 Stars
Sarah and Sandra started off my journey in to newborn photography! I attended their 1:2 training in their studio and they were so accommodating and friendly. They clearly have sound knowledge of safe newborn posing and lighting and I loved every minute watching them in action. I have now watched their work flow video and it’s a fantastic refresher for some of the trickier poses. If you are serious about starting newborn photography then I highly recommend purchasing training from Sandra and Sarah. I remember coming away feeling very excited to start my new venture! Thank you ladies x 

Reviewer: Sophie from Goucester   5 Stars
I recently had a great day with Sarah and Sandra these ladies are so welcoming whatever level you are at presently. I learned so much in their workshop its really set me on my way on handling my sessions more professionally more confidently and with more successful images after the shoot. Before this I have been playing about with YouTube and reading bits and although I picked up a lot, a workshop with Sarah and Sandra was like pressing the fast forward button only wish I would have found them sooner. I have booked on two more workshops with other instructors that Sarah and Sandra will be running I can't wait I'm sure these ladies will be seeing a lot of me in the future 

Reviewer: Dianne jolly from Burnley   5 Stars
I'm So glad that I attended this training course the 1 to 1 for me was perfect more time individually than I would have got as a group . I was struggling with the posing and few other things and this is a perfect workshop for anyone just starting out. From the moment I arrived it was a relaxed atmosphere and looked after all day had 2 babies in and had hands on experience with the babies as well as taking photos. Fantastic advice and training from Sandra and Sarah who I admire so much I would definitely recommend this x 

Reviewer: Jess from Worcester   5 Stars
Thank goodness I found Sandra and Sarah to mentor me on my journey to becoming a newborn photographer. They really are so supportive and always there to give guidance whenever it is needed. I had a really great day with them, they were very patient and keen that I mastered the different wrap techniques and camera angles when shooting. I'm going back to see them in a few weeks and I can't wait! I would definitely recommend them :)